The swiftness with which technology is evolving has even further commoditized many markets, including legal. The advent of such advanced technologies as predictive coding and advanced analytics alongside eDiscovery have made it paramount that legal personnel stay abreast of not only emerging technologies but evolving business processes as well. Such technologies have also forced those in legal to take on an enterprise oriented mindset as they have to consider more diligently where to invest marketing and business development funds.

To speak to these challenges, the Authority for Legal Marketing (LMA), a not-for-profit professional organization that aims to maintain the standards of those working in marketing and business development within the legal profession hosts their annual conference each year. This year the conference is scheduled for April 11-13 in Austin, TX.

Featured breakout sessions include discussion on the latest trends in legal marketing and business development, branding your law firm, and engaging legal personnel more in the business elements of a legal practice. Diana O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer- Deloitte, is the featured keynote and also promises to offer incredible insight. Ms. O’Brien, specializing in developing client insight and relationships and innovative marketing strategies, is scheduled to speak Tuesday April 12th.

Other speakers joining Ms. O’Brien are Kate Boyd- Vice President, Client Service and Marketing, HighQ- and esteemed professionals from Bloomberg and The National Law Review.

With heavy focus on business development, the business of law, and marketing strategies for legal personnel, the upcoming LMA conference promises to offer much needed insight into how to successfully run your legal practice.

With the current rumblings of a recession and an ever evolving tech market, keeping your firm in the know is critical to success.

Want to learn more about the LMA conference? Check back next week for the Chronicle’s continued event coverage or register for the event.



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