We’re excited to welcome you to our inaugural post on The Chronicle of eDiscovery for Financial Services, the brainchild of eDiscovery professionals with years of experience working on scores of matters at different stages of the EDRM lifecycle. As professionals with years of experience, we’ve developed networks of peers we can call on to get advice when we find ourselves confronted with challenges in the collection, processing, review, or production of data. These networks have been especially helpful in the last few years, as technology has expanded the modalities in which professionals communicate with one another, enabling corporations to increase productivity as they expand across borders. And in no industry has this been truer than in the financial services industry.

Indeed, in our experience, the most complex, complicated, and, at times, confounding matters have originated within financial services. The eDiscovery challenges that counsel—whether corporate or external—face include matters with complicated data file types and size, legacy system (occasionally from acquisitions) dependencies, multilingual documents, multiple regulatory environments and in some cases regions with competing statutory or privacy restrictions. The professional networks we’ve developed have been a communal part of the struggle to keep pace with these challenges as they’ve presented themselves in live matters.

But what if we could expand that network beyond the people we meet at the usual eDiscovery and Info Gov conferences? What if we had a resource we could turn to as we were trying to resolve an issue? What if we could create a global community where someone doing a state secrets review in China for the first time could get advice? Or someone having to convert analog stored audio files could find someone who has been down that road before and can recommend approaches that avoid pitfalls?  Or someone who can prescribe an approach to reuse prior matter databases and work product via an efficient approach to confining records and objects within security groups?

This is the mission of The Chronicle of eDiscovery for Financial Services—to serve as a resource for eDiscovery professionals who are working diligently to deliver a high-quality production of responsive documents on time and within budget. To work towards our goal, we’ll be posting content from practitioners and gurus on both the long-standing and current issues that we face as we conduct eDiscovery within the global, financial services industry. Indeed, our first posts cover issues such as working with non-traditional file types, deciding what to do with your data once a matter has concluded and preparing for a new matter to mitigate against problems downstream.

But we need your contributions as well. Please share your thoughts, experiences or advice in the comment section; if there’s a topic you want to see covered, let us know!  We look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

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