With Legaltech® New York getting underway, Manhattan is home to more than the usual number of legal professionals this week.

While IT has been important to the legal profession for many years, with the new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure now in effect, heightened concerns about the security of client information, and myriad other data management issues facing law firms, there has never been a more important time to understand legal technology and how it can be leveraged to contain costs, improve data security, and facilitate the flow of information in cross-border matters.

From aligning new eDiscovery technologies with corporate risk management to assessing data integrity in an era of cloud-based technologies  and analyzing the effects of  the Safe Harbor decision, experts like John Loveland, Managing Director at Consilio, and Brian Corbin, Vice President, Assistant General Counsel and JP Morgan Chase & Co. tackle the issues that are reshaping legal practice and changing the ways in which global corporations operate.  If you’re looking to prep for these panels we’ve got some primer articles on the cloud and eDiscovery and SafeHarbor.

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