Anyone who works in legal can and will tell you that discovery is one of the costliest and unpredictable aspects of litigation. As a result, unpredictability in conjunction with an ever evolving set of tools, leaves legal personal as well as their clients, scratching their heads looking for tips and strategies to not only trim the cost of discovery but to also maintain relevance in what is becoming a temporal market.

To that end, this week the Chronicle’s editorial staff focused on tips and strategies for low-cost, efficient eDiscovery. Keep reading below to see what we’ve uncovered:

Email Discovery Lifecycle:

The advent of and increased use of eDiscovery has in many ways made discovery more efficient, enabling legal personnel in many ways. That said, the uptick in electronic documents available for legal review has also contributed to increases in cost.

To speak to those challenges, Inside Counsel recently reviewed the eDiscovery lifecycle, offering tips and strategies for more efficient and effective discovery.

Locating Unsearchable PDF:

In litigation, time is of the essence. Discovery has the potential to be the most expensive aspect of litigation because of the expertise required to cull and review documents. And, frequently the time needed to engage in review is even further extended by simple administrative tasks before review even starts.

The Litigation Support Guru highlighted a new, free tool, Count Anything, to address the issue. The tool can, among other things, identify quickly and efficiently non-searchable PDFs, cutting down on the time needed to prepare documents for review.

EDRM Downloadable Glossary:

eDiscovery is an ever evolving medium with new terms and technologies introduced weekly, if not daily. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for even the most seasoned eDiscovery professionals to keep up with the developing lexicon.

Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) published a downloadable PDF glossary that legal professionals can access for insight into new and evolving terminology. The glossary accompanies EDRM’s online glossary that is updated frequently as a live document.

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