In recent years eDiscovery has expanded from its traditional home bases of the United States and the United Kingdom into other territories from the European Union to Asia.  As the geographical scope of eDiscovery expands it becomes a more complex endeavor as accepted practices collide with other cultural norms.

So, given that so many corporations from financial services organizations to oil and gas companies are truly global operators, how do they and their partners navigate the maze of data and regulatory complexities in cross-border matters?

Several field experts have recently started to outline requirements of conducting eDiscovery in unfamiliar legal environments, including countries where there are no formal obligations to provide for eDiscovery under their legal framework.  Last week we featured a story managing eDiscovery in China.  This week we noted with interest a comprehensive global guide to eDiscovery from Kroll OnTrack that not only addresses regional differences but then drills down into specific country-level coverage, including seldom referenced countries such as Japan, Singapore, South Korea.

We’re still looking for a comprehensive guide to eDiscovery in Russia.  If you know of one why not send us the link via Twitter?

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